torsdag 27 oktober 2016

Napkins for background

Napkins is an easy way to make nice cards from. They're often very nice with beautiful pictures or patterns on them. I pull off the top layer and put it on some cardstock, first I put on plastic cooking wrap over the cardstock, put the napkin on the top and then put it between some thin paper and iron on it with a hot iron until it sticks. When its cold again I cut out the piece that I am going to use for the cards. Napkin is very soft, so I like to make a frame of cardstock and put in front of it just to be safe.
It's easy, cheap and you can make gorgeous cards with this technique.
Here you can see some of the cards I made for Christmas using napkins. I will post more when I make more cards, got a lots of napkins laying in a drawer and wait to be used. My mother always finds the nicest napkins, and when I go there and drink coffee or eat dinner I always save one for a card.